Monday, November 15, 2010

Dream a little Art Dream

I didn't set out to be a painter.  In fact I was a metal smith major in college.  I had my life all planned out.  I would finish my courses, graduate, do an internship in Italy, then scurry my way up the chain in a jewelry house-- then fly out on my own making jewelry for everyone! Ok--so I had big dreams.  I was pretty self assured, and was happy to be walking in my own shoes.  Then shit happened.  I got really sick-- from what I didn't know at the time-- and had to move home.  I took a year off school.  When I did go back I went to a college in town.  Well, they had no jewelry program.  Only a beginner class, which I ended up teaching.  The school was small, and at the time we had one sculpture teacher- a pot head potter and a painting professor.  The sculpture teacher was gone after my first semester, which left pottery and painting.  I should have left then and gone to medical school like my parents wanted me to-- but alas I was born to be tortured.  I didn't hit it off well with the pot man, and continually received shitty grades in his class. I basically had to take his class if I wanted to get my credits to graduate withing a 10 year span.  In painting I was a little more happy.  My professor happened to be cocky and challenged conventional realism.  I for one was intrigued.  My abstract-ish paintings were never grade winners in high school- but this place seemed to be for me.  The more I studied expressionism, modernists, minimalism, color-- the more I liked it.  The bigger the better. There is a beauty in simplicity, in mark making itself-- in the fundamentals. "Brushstrokes never lie," my professor told me, and he was right.  You can see passion or complacency with a single scrawl.  I love all art, and could look at works endlessly.  So this is how I went from a jewelry designer to a painter.

Did you start out as a painter and end up a sculptor?  How about potter to a print maker... A writer to a singer or a maybe a banker to a poet...

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