Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Oh Look, Its Elephant Art! Looks just like my Pollock Print!

Photo By Christine Hood

So I got a text from my friend with a picture and caption "Elephant Art."  She then said "zoom in on the price--cute but expensive."  Well dammit that got me.  Here we go---> Elephant art... Where in the hell do I begin.  I first off would like to thank my friend Christie, or Gunth as I call her, for texting me this as it is topic that is often discussed by artists.  Next I will smooth down my ruffled feathers and break down what is wrong, bad, and down right felonious about this situation. ONE: Elephants do not make art.  They may have a brush and paint handed to them, and they may scribble, color, etc. on a canvas that is placed in front of them but that's IT.  Art is made with intention.  That is a critical factor.  With out that it is a pile of mud, a string bean, dookie! TWO: selling animal art confuses the general public, who is already perplexed, about what real art is.  If Sassy McTrunkers can paint -- why the heck would I pay a human to do it...  THREE: That art ain't good.  Now I have seen some artists with similar styles (BIG JOKE) but still.  FOUR: If you hand said elephant a makeup brush and it marks on peoples faces, is it now a makeup artist?  If you set a cat on a piano and it bangs keys do you call it a concerto?  It is the same thing.  The difference is that the public is informed about music, they seem to know more of what it is.  With art they can not discern, because sadly art is not as much in our culture as music.  Everyone does not go into museums and galleries.  They do not see art every day.  FIVE: Elephants work for peanuts-- artists work most of the time for free.  By the way the elephants 8 x 10 painting was $99 dollars.  That's a lot of dough for a pachyderm.   So anyway there is my rant on Elephant "Art."  The art world is crazy enough with human animals-- we don't need four leggeds included under the umbrella!

Photo By Christine Hood

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